125 years of Angry Birds are played every day

Back in 2011 Google released this video called The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone customers. It has some interesting statistics, which have I suspect in almost all cases increased significantly over the past three years. If you don’t have time to watch the video here are some of the more interesting stats: 77% of people used [...]

The term “the money is in the list” is so often used that it is almost a cliche, but no matter your website, it is crucially important that you build a list. Why is it so important that you have a list? As you develop your business one of the most important things you can [...]

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Earlier this morning I had a call from a friend wondering what was the point of blogging for their new business. We logged into their analytics and discovered that blogging had been responsible for 300 visits to their website this month. Of those a significant number had come from seeing the posts on Facebook and [...]

Which AutoResponder Should You Use?

What is an Autoresponder? An autoresponder is an easy to use, web-based email marketing software that delivers your messages, marketing campaigns, offers, newsletters, follow-ups and any other correspondence that you would like to deliver to your list.  And it does it automatically.  A “Set-it and Forget-it” system. What should you look for in an autoresponder? [...]

How to optimize my images for SEO

Your website images may well seem like a pretty straightforward part of your site. There are however a couple of things to consider. The alt text stands for alternative text and in website design it is used to provide an alternative text for images. This has three main purposes: If your visitors are visually impaired [...]

H1 Tags were once one of the more important elements of on-page SEO and according to most SEO experts you should only have one h1 tag on a page. The h1 tag is typically the title of the page and is the largest title on a page. The H stands for header and there are [...]

The speed in which your site loads has a major bearing on your visitor experience of the site, and according to recent signals from google it is now being considered as one of the many signals they use to rank your site. Whilst having a very cool looking all-singing all-dancing website may seem like the [...]

How to make WordPress safer

WordPress is an incredibly powerful Content Management System, however as it is open source and written in the PHP computer language it means that it is possible to have your site be hacked.  There are various things that you should consider doing to make this less likely to happen. One very simple thing to do [...]

Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics We recommend you have analytics on your website. There are various different options for analytics. The most popular is from Google Analytics and has a free version which is suitable for almost all sites and a premium version which is really only for the largest enterprise websites. When you add analytics to [...]

A sitemap is essentially a map of your website. There are two main types of sitemaps. The first is a html based map, which is designed for your end user to look at to help them find pages on your websites. The second type of sitemap is an xml sitemap and is designed for submission [...]

There are various reasons why a website may not be indexed in the search engines, most obviously that the site is new, or that it has been ‘slapped’ by google, most typically for using what they regard as being dodgy SEO practices. This could either have been done by the existing owner of the domain, [...]

There are really two ways in which your website can be optimized for mobile now. The first of these is what has now become the most popular and that is to have what is known as a responsive design. A responsive design means that the content on your page changes size and sometimes layout to [...]

What does Domain Authority Mean?

When I first started working in the website arena, Page Rank was one of the most important metrics to determine how important your website is. Page Rank was originally developed by Google to evaluate how important a website is and it was the de facto definition for your domain’s authority. The scale went from 0-10 [...]