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Thai Silk Magic is a small community enterprise specialising in the highest quality handmade Thai silk. All the profits from the venture are shared with the village to improve family lifestyles and childrens’ educational opportunities.

Thai Silk Magic originally had a website full of content on one site and a shop hosted with My Big Commerce and came to us to develop an integrated site and shop. ┬áSince we developed the site Thai Silk Magic has improved it’s search engine positioning and is now using Facebook and Twitter as Social Media Platforms to drive traffic to their website.

Casa de Carmona is a stunning old Palace in the Carmona, one of Spain’s most beautiful towns. We were approached to improve the hotel’s web presence and so we ported the existing site from html to WordPress.

Casa Chimera is a lucury ski chalet in the heart of Klosters.  Whilst it is very much in use as a family chalet it is rented from time to time.  Most noteably for the week of the Davos Economic Forum.

Drake Public Relations is a London based PR firm.

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