125 years of Angry Birds are played every day

Back in 2011 Google released this video called The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone customers. It has some interesting statistics, which have I suspect in almost all cases increased significantly over the past three years. If you don’t have time to watch the video here are some of the more interesting stats: 77% of people used [...]

Meta Keywords were at one stage a key part of the important meta tags to have on your website along with a title and description. As time went by however they began to be abused by the early search engine optimization people and the search engines stopped using them Now Matt Cutts of Google has [...]

The Meta Description is added to your page using the meta description tags. Whilst this does not directly have an impact on search engine rankings, they are often used to display on the search engines what the website is all about. This is your opportunity to really sell what your page is all about to [...]

The title tag plays an important part in Search Engine Optimisation and indeed Social Media. And indeed for the code that your website is written in to be valid, you need to have a title tag. Your title tag can’t be too long. No more than 50 – 60 characters and if possibly aim to [...]

The term “the money is in the list” is so often used that it is almost a cliche, but no matter your website, it is crucially important that you build a list. Why is it so important that you have a list? As you develop your business one of the most important things you can [...]

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Earlier this morning I had a call from a friend wondering what was the point of blogging for their new business. We logged into their analytics and discovered that blogging had been responsible for 300 visits to their website this month. Of those a significant number had come from seeing the posts on Facebook and [...]

What is podcasting and how can it help my business? This is one of the questions that a lot of online business owners ask. Indeed, podcasting has grown so much as a marketing tool that it is already too significant for many business owners to ignore. Podcasting is basically an online radio show, a way [...]

Don’t Miss Out On Google Places

To say search engines have evolved dramatically in the last ten years is a minor understatement.  During this time, Google has certainly been the trend setter in new developments. The goal of the company has been to redefine how search works so that users find what they are really looking for instead of a bunch [...]

What Are Facebook Ads?

Millions of people log into Facebook every day, and the ads in the sidebars will allow you to reach the right people at the right time. –>> Facebook ads allow you to customize your demographics down to the smallest details. You can choose to show your ad to people in a certain area or of [...]

If you are running a small or a large business, using online videos you can drive direct traffic to your website. You know there are billions of videos available on YouTube. It gets approximately two hundred million clicks per day. Here you will learn how to drive potential traffic to your website using YouTube. 1. [...]