• I am not a techie 

People often think they need to be a technical juggernaut to use the internet and nothing could be further from the truth. People everywhere are using the internet- kids under 10, teenagers, students, stay-at-home moms, retired persons, and even grannies. So much of the internet has been simplified and there are so many forums full of people who are ready to help you out for free. The thing to remember is that you can conquer your fear by empowering yourself with knowledge. You can start just by browsing other business websites and getting familiar with how the web works. Also, sign up for the numerous free courses and free email newsletters available. 

  • It’s too hard 

If you think you’ll be writing code or doing some complex graphic design, think again. That’s what website designers, graphic designers, software developers and everyone in between are there for. There are lots of great companies that help get your local business launched on the internet. 

  • It costs too much 

Well it’s true that any business venture requires a monetary investment but the cost of setting up a web presence is a way lot cheaper than setting up a brick and mortar store. Once you have gotten the start-up costs out of the way, a lot of the other things can be done minimally or for free. Email letters, articles, Facebook pages, Twitter account, web content are some of the things you can do all on your own for free once you realize how it all fits into the big picture. In fact, if you’re short on cash, internet marketing methods could be a lifesaver to your business because so many of them can be done for very little money or absolutely nothing. 

  • My business is too small 

Being too small may just be a blessing because the internet has made the world flat. It is an equal opportunity employer. Your small business can play on the same level playing fields as the big guns in your industry and you probably have a better chance of success because you don’t have a whole bunch of bureaucracy to work through to institute changes. You could be located in any part of the world- Hollywood, a slum in India, the Amazon Forest or the North pole- and still conduct business with an internet connection. Plus social media has given celebrity status to the most unlikely businesses like one-man companies, small bakeries, enthusiasts, writers, bands, etc 

  • I’m scared 

Actually this is the real reason why local business owners don’t want to go on the internet and it’s understandable. Anytime we need to change course and try something new, that basic human instinct of fear rises up and squashes any hope of success. But the best weapon against fear of the unknown is knowledge. We don’t fear what we already know. And we can never know until we step out of our comfort zone, open our minds to learn and dare to take action. And once we do that and make progress, we will look back and wonder why we ever took so long to get started. 

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More information: https://lenakhalid.com/5-excuses-local-business-use-avoid-internet/