Using videos to launch your company’s new products is a visually stimulating and appealing way to generate interest and sales and the following tips give some guidelines on how to go about that. 

Create teaser videos that create curiosity  

The secret is revealing just enough product information that whets the viewers’ appetite and leaves them hungry to know more. Your video content should suit your product type. If it’s a tool, equipment or physical product you may choose to offer a product demonstration, if it’s a book or infoproduct you can choose to read a few excerpts, if you are releasing a film you may show footage clips. Whatever the product type you may also use third parties who may have had advanced access to the product and can talk about it. Such people would include well-known critics, business associates, testimonials from people who have used the product on a trial-basis and so on 

Keep the content short and sweet 

The whole purpose of the video launch is to give people a sneak peek so you don’t reveal too much about the product. Also keep the videos short like about 1-2minutes so that they take a short time to load and to view. You can release a series of videos like Part 1, 2 and 3 with different content to keep interest alive and to let you know how many people are viewing the videos. The content should extol the benefits and virtues of the product and also let them know the release date too. 

Get your timing right 

A product launch should not take more than 2 weeks at most. If a campaign is too short, it will not have built up enough momentum and you will not have attracted enough viewers leading to poor sales. On the other hand, a drawn out campaign will quickly fizzle out any excitement as people will have gotten tired of waiting for the release.  

Marketing your Video 

How can you direct traffic to your video launch? First of all post the video on YouTube and don’t forget to include your business url in it. Then spread the word with working links to your email list, your Twitter followers, your Facebook friends, your joint venture partners and affiliates. You may also issue press releases. You can also include an option for people to subscribe for a discounted rate for say the first 100 people. This will give you an idea of how much interest your product is generating and guarantees your first sales. It is also an email list building technique. 

Properly and creatively implemented video product launches are a simple and cost-efficient way to market your company’s new products to a wide audience. 

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