Earlier this morning I had a call from a friend wondering what was the point of blogging for their new business.

We logged into their analytics and discovered that blogging had been responsible for 300 visits to their website this month.

Of those a significant number had come from seeing the posts on Facebook and Twitter which leads on to the number one reason why your business should be blogging:

1) Your blog is the mainstay of any of your Social Media efforts. The idea behind using social media as a business is to engage with prospective and current customers. Done properly this can drive significant traffic back to your website and with the current relatively low cost of Facebook advertising it can be a very powerful solution to drive leads to your business.

There are many other reasons why you should be blogging and these are perhaps two of the main reasons

2) Your blog remains one of the most important marketing tools that your company has.  New content improves your findability in the search engines which helps to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

3) Your blog is an important part of your brand and has been proven to boost conversions and provide a positive return on your investment

When your business creates a blog, it helps to create an an individual voice for the business, or as an alternative you can get various team members to blog on the business’ behalf. This helps build rapport with your clients and customers. We believe that a properly done blog will create an atmosphere of trust and openness, which significantly improves brand loyalty, especially when done well in conjunction with other social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

The more you update your blog with new content, the more you are demonstrating your commitment and it will also encourage your customers to want to come back to visit your websites.

After your website your blog should be your main port of call on your online presence, followed by other social media channels which you should be using to drive traffic back to your site where you can then capture their information.

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