Social Media Consulting

Today almost everyone belongs to at least one Social Media network. Many far more than one.  and more often far more than one. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube are probably the most popular ones, but Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Snapchat and many more potentially have a place in your companies Social Media Marketing mix.

The question is how do you use these sites to build your business?

That’s is where Vashon Media and our Social Media Consultancy can help. We can develop a solid Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.

What is Social Media Marketing

Whilst many argue that marketing should be an aggressive means of advertising and marketing your business, when it comes to Social Media the focus should not be on directly selling your product or service.

Rather it is about selling people on the idea and concepts of your brand and company. In much the same way as you wouldn’t go to a party and start shouting about your deals, on social media too you need to get into the conversation.

Some suggestions for what you should be doing:

  • Give your followers and fans tips and tricks.
  • Thank them for their interactions
  • Share relevant and helpful content
  • Starting Conversations

What are the benefits of Social Media?

Nowadays most people belonmSocial media is the buzz word for the 21st Century.

We have all heard of Facebook, which has rapidly become the most visited website in the world.

However there are other important sites that should play an important part in your companies online Social Media Strategy


For a full consultation on where your Social Media currently is and where you should be taking it, get in touch with us to arrange  an introductory chat.