Justin Wheeler founded Vashon Media in 2006. Initially we did hand crafted and hand coded web pages. It was a time consuming but enjoyable experience. As time has gone by we have expanded our skill set.

Justin Driving the bus

Justin Driving the bus some years ago. See below for now.

The Vashon Media Goal

Vashon Media has just one aim. To help you get more bookings and sales through your website. Our mission statement is:

Vashon Media helps the world travel better through well designed, informative websites and targeted marketing campaigns. These help travellers, for business and pleasure, find the information they need to ensure their journeys are as enjoyable as possible”.

Where do you work from?

In 2007, Justin moved to the North of Peru where he started to build Vashon Media. We have team members in the United States, the United Kingdom, The Philippines and in Peru. By having a remote team, our cost structure can remain low meaning that your services are always competitively priced.

What does Vashon Media Specialise in?

Initially, we would do websites for anyone that would ask. As time moves on we have begun to specialise much more. Our core focus is on websites and marketing advice for hotels, high-end holiday rentals and the occasional restaurant. For the right project, we will also work with e-commerce companies.

One of the great advantages of being based where we are is that our cost structure can in many cases be much lower than comparable companies located in our core markets of the US and the UK

For design work, the vast majority of the sites we work with are created with WordPress, which allows you an enormous flexibility of design and capability. It is also extremely easy to make changes to the text, without needing a degree in advanced technology! Periodically something more complicated might be needed and we can help you with this.

Along with web design, we can also help you develop content marketing and paid advertising strategies along with Search Engine Optimisation campaigns.

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