.Justin Wheeler founded Vashon Media in 2006. Initially we did hand crafted and hand coded web pages. It was a time consuming but enjoyable experience. As time has gone by we have expanded our skill set. 


Justin Driving the bus

Justin Driving the bus some years ago. See below for now.

The Vashon Media Goal


We’re here to help you and your business find online profitability. Having an air-tight, high-revenue business online is a lot of work. Yet the possible rewards are life-changing. Our purpose is to give small businesses, brick and mortar shops and entrepreneurs the help they need to get profitable online.

Vashon Media has just one aim. To help you boost revenue through your online properties.

Our mission statement is: ”Vashon Media helps business owners run their businesses more profitably, by looking after their online platforms”.

Where do you work from?

In 2007, Justin moved to Peru where he started to build Vashon Media. We have team members in the United States, the United Kingdom, The Philippines and in Peru. By having a remote team, our cost structure can remain low meaning that your services are always competitively priced. We recently launched a spanish version of this site under a different name, Munay Digital


What does Vashon Media Specialise in?

We help you design smart websites, optimze conversions, get ‘ideal customer’ traffic and create marketing strategies for total domination.

If you want to…

  • Get a revenue-generating website from day 1
  • Spend your marketing budget ONLY on high-ROI strategies
  • Cut down on your working hours with automation and smart campaigns
  • Take advantage of years of experience and a plan that’s proven to work across many industries in different countries

 Then reach out for a complimentay discussion below, and we will do a deep-dive into your current website and marketing.

We’ve helped clients across the US and Europe refine their business ideas, find their ideal customers, turn visitors into customers and skyrocket online revenue.

Let us help you next.

To read what people are saying about us visit our testimonials page.

Our Values 


Lets work together

We´ll have a short conversation to audit your current online properties, or discuss your requirements for new ones. After we´ll prepare a deep plan to fix any money leaks and make your business more profitable., or launch your new business.