Currently, Facebook offers the greatest source of traffic to your website, with an estimated 500 million users who spend an average of 55 minutes per day on it which is more than the time they spend on any other webpage even Google or YouTube.  

There are two ways to draw traffic from Facebook to your businesses website  

  1. Create an Ad Campaign  
  2. Create a Fan page. 

Facebook Ad Campaigns 

Unlike a majority of marketing mediums such as print, TV, Radio or even search engine pay per click programs, Facebook offers the ability to nail down the exact demographics that you are targeting. When users sign up for the Facebook accounts, they also complete a full profile which lists their location by town, city and country, their birth date, their age group, their interests and hobbies, their educational background, etc. Further more once they become fans or members of Facebook groups this information is added to their profile.  

What does this mean for you as a local business owner?  If you run a plumbing business in Charlotte, North Carolina and want to launch an ad campaign, you can set the parameters of your ad settings to target facebook users who are in Charlotte, in North Carolina, in the age bracket that serves you best probably such as over 30 years since they will often have family homes and need plumbing services and who have particular interests such as real estate or interior decorating. Your ads will then be featured on the Facebook pages of those within your specific target market. When they click on your ads, they will be taken straight to your sales page on your business website 

Facebook Fan Pages 

It’s relatively easy to increase the numbers of your fans. 

  • Just by creating a fan page, it will be indexed in the Google search engines where you can draw in visitors.  
  • Also you can create ad campaigns that direct prospects to your fan page.  
  • You can also invite people to your fan page from fan pages run by other people by entering your keywords into the Facebook search box and looking up fanpages with a good following. When you arrive at that fanpage, you can click on the link written “6765 people like this” and a new box title “People who like this page” will appear and you can click the tabs next to each fan to add as a friend. However do not invite more than 20 people per day as Facebook will slap you with a ban.  

The amazing thing is that Facebook does the rest of the legwork for you. Every time someone joins your fan page through any of the above methods, Facebook automatically tells that persons friends and when they join, Facebook tells their friends too hence the viral nature of Facebook. Done correctly, you will be raking in fans in no time and through your content will be able to direct them to your website sales page to buy your products and services. 

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