Have you ever heard the phrase, “Content is king”? On the Internet, that phrase is vitally important to your business.

Content can mean a number of things from articles to blog posts to videos. The content that you distribute both on and off your site affects your reputation, search engine rankings and credibility. It is a crucial element to your marketing success.

Let’s talk about some different kinds of content that you can use for SEO purposes online:

–>> Articles: These are often articles that are distributed across the Internet with links back to your website. These links use what is called “anchor text” which is a keyword phrase that you want a page or post on your site to rank for.

–>> Videos: These can be short or long videos using screen capture software or live footage. You can put these videos on your site and even on video sharing sites like YouTube.

–>> Blog posts: These are posts that you write on your own blog with certain keywords included. You may also want to do guest blog posts on other people’s blogs as well.

There are other kinds of content that you can use to get people motivated to click back to your website. The key is being creative in your efforts to get people to visit your site.