Millions of people log into Facebook every day, and the ads in the sidebars will allow you to reach the right people at the right time.

–>> Facebook ads allow you to customize your demographics down to the smallest details.

You can choose to show your ad to people in a certain area or of a specific age range. Facebook shows ads to its users based on likes, dislikes and other preferences.

Although you can drill down to the specific demographics you want to target, you’ll never receive personal information about your potential customers.

You can elect to display your ads on profiles, pages and even within some applications. The possibilities and combinations in which you can put together your Facebook ad campaigns are as diverse as the people that use Facebook daily.

The site also gives you detailed information that helps you to determine what is working and, more importantly, what is not working.

If you are interested in using Facebook Ads for your business, give me a call. I can help!