[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]Many business professionals don’t consider using press releases as a part of their marketing campaign online.  Press releases are often thought of as something that news organizations would use, so many professionals have no idea about the power they can bring to an online marketing plan

One of the most important parts of marketing your business online is using a variety of different kinds of methods.  You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket because things can change quickly online.  Google can decide that a certain kind of link is no longer worth as much, so you don’t want to have everything riding on that particular kind of link.

Press releases are great for several different reasons.  First of all, you might be able to get media attention for your business.  If you are releasing a brand-new product or service, and you send your press releases to the right places, you may get picked up for news coverage.  This can bring a huge flood of new traffic and customers to your business.

Press releases are also posted in different places online.  Some of these websites have very high ranking in Google, so you want some of your back links to be on press release sites.  For more information about how to write a press release, or get one written by a ghostwriter, give me a call today so we can chat about the opportunities.[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]