[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]If you aren’t using LinkedIn in your business right now, you are definitely missing out on huge amounts of business.  How can this be?  Everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter and some of the other social media sites.  However, LinkedIn often gets a bad rap because it is assumed to only be a place for recruiters.  This is not true!

LinkedIn is a wonderful networking site with over 135 million members at this moment.  These are business professionals who are high-level because their average earning levels are more than $100,000 per year.  In other words, these are the decision-makers in most companies.  Where else could you go to access high-level decision-makers like this?

So how can you use your connections are LinkedIn?  One of the best ways is to make connections with people who can help you improve your business.  For instance, if you are a life coach, you could make a connection with other people who could refer you more business.  An example of that would be a human resources director.  Often, they knew people who are having a hard time getting a job or fitting in at their current job.  A life coach could be a definite help in those situations.  You could also refer people back to them in many cases.

Think of all the different kinds of people who could help you improve your business through referrals.  In addition, you may decide that you want a joint venture partner with someone to create your own information product or service.  You never know who you’re going to meet on  LinkedIn!

Start thinking outside the box when it comes to using LinkedIn.  Set up your profile, get involved in some groups and start interacting with people from all over the world.  You may be surprised at who you meet.[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]