Many people use the word blog and site interchangeably, but they really are two different things.  Your website is usually pretty static in nature.  That means that you set it up once and usually leave the information pretty much the same.  Your website includes pages like your contact page, about us and what services or products your company offers.

A blog is an ever-changing platform, which is one reason why they tend to rank so well in Google.  Google likes content that changes on a frequent basis.  They want the best user experience for their readers, so they like when websites publish new content continuously.

By having a blog associated with your website, you can constantly be driving traffic from your blog to your site.  Your blog should be something that you post on consistently, at least once or twice a week at minimum.

A blog is simply a place that you can publish material on a regular basis.  You might write articles or blog postings about something to do with your industry, specials you’re running or questions and answers from your clients.  It is a place where people can read the most up-to-the-minute information about your company.  In short, it shows the world that your company is not stale and static.

Having a blog will allow you to put links throughout your content to send people back to your website.  As your blog starts to rank better in Google, it will also improve your rankings of your own website.