Text messaging is the most effective and direct method to reach your targeted recipient. Now most companies are using bulk text messaging to promote their products and services. It has the following benefits for business:

Increased Sales

SMS text marketing is the perfect tool for sales and promotions of your products or services. Using text messages, companies send all important benefits about using their products and services directly to the customer or recipient. This can be very beneficial to your business.

Brand Promotion

When companies launch new products or services, they can send a bulk SMS text message to their  subscribers to make them aware about the new additions.

Instant Delivery

Instant delivery makes it more effective to get a quick response from the recipient. When you send SMS, it takes hardly 5-6 seconds to reach its recipient.

High Open Rate

If you compare email marketing vs SMS marketing, then you will find that the open rate of SMS is higher than email. Ninety percent or more of SMS text messages are opened  and read.

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