[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]Information marketing is the practice of selling information-based products.  The value in the product stems from the expertise of the product’s creator and their knowledge in a particular area.  It is important for you as the expert to carve out a niche in your specialty subject and establish yourself as the authority on the subject.

After you begin to prove yourself as an expert in the field, you can put together your knowledge to be distributed.  The information can be packaged in a variety of formats such as books, DVDs, online courses, podcasts and seminars.  An increasingly popular way to package the information is through websites and blogs.

The most effective delivery method of information marketing is the Internet.  Digital products are relatively inexpensive to produce and are able to quickly reach their target markets making them particularly profitable.  The most successful information marketing continually builds on itself and leads to additional information products.

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