Web analytics not only tracks the amount of traffic funneled to your blog or website, it can also reveal information about how they interact with pages.

On-site web analytics tracks how a user found your website, be it from a search engine or a referring website, and where in the world they are searching from.  It also shows which content they are compelled to check out while visiting the various web pages on your site.  Web analytics can track how much time is spent on each page and how long they stay engaged on certain content.

–>> One important part of analytics is looking at the keywords that visitors are using to find your site!

Collecting web analytics may help in future website and blog design to optimize web content.  For instance, if one particular page on a website is experiencing a high bounce rate, where a visitor enters and exits the same page without looking at any other part of the site, this may be a sign it needs to be redesigned or replaced.

The more analytical data a business can provide to their web developers, the better able they will able to design a blog or website to engage clients.

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