To say search engines have evolved dramatically in the last ten years is a minor understatement.  During this time, Google has certainly been the trend setter in new developments. The goal of the company has been to redefine how search works so that users find what they are really looking for instead of a bunch of junk sites. Google Places is an example of one step taken to reach this goal.

What is Google Places? It is an internal search engine within Google‘s general search database. This internal search engine lists businesses by their geographic location. You have probably noticed Google Places without realizing it.  For example, let’s say you do a search for “Los Angeles dentist”. The search results will reveal a map with corresponding brief listings for one to seven dentists in the Los Angeles area in the middle of the first page of results. This is the Google Places system in action.

Why has Google instituted Google Places? It has determined that 97 percent of consumers search online for local businesses. By implementing this new system, consumers can find exactly what they are searching for in their area without having to scroll through a bunch of random sites that may list nothing in their locality.

If you have a local business presence, Google Places is CRITICAL for you. Need help? Call me!