Mobile marketing is an area many businesses are yet to fully embrace, and you can use this to your advantage if you think carefully about the message you convey. People are used to receiving a lot of commercial email, promotional messages from companies they have previously bought from, not the spam which irritates them.

–>> In exactly the same way as with email, mobile marketing can be highly effective if it meets the customer’s needs, but can also look like spam if you miss the mark.

Start by getting clear in your mind what message you are trying to get across to your customer, and then make it as short and punchy as possible. A concise message is critical, as people do not wish to read long sales pitches on their mobile phone screens.

Also, make sure the recipients of the message are likely to know who you are and how you have their details. If a customer doesn’t know who you are, they won’t buy from you. If it isn’t clear how you know about them, they may automatically assume it is junk and delete the message.

So, does mobile marketing convert better than email? It certainly can do when planned well, and a combination of email marketing and mobile marketing handled professionally can get incredible results. By keeping these simple points in mind you can increase your chances of success with mobile marketing and get ahead of the competition!