With the influx of smartphones into the market, it is more important now to create a consistent mobile market message and avoid common mistakes.

One of the most overlooked mobile marketing mistakes is not designing a website for mobile content.  Mobile web viewers are more likely to leave a website with a slow loading speed than traditional computer browsers.  Websites that load content quicker are more likely to maintain their audience.

Another common mistake is providing too much text in a web advertisement.  As mobile users move quickly between pages, cluttered text will become lost.

–>> Keep the message short, to the point, and memorable.

Creating an unnecessary landing page to your business website instead of directing a customer to the content they were seeking is another mobile marketing mistake.  Customers are likely to become frustrated and quickly leave the site altogether.

Finally, failure to use analytical devices efficiently is a problem that occurs not only now, but may be detrimental to future mobile marketing campaigns.  Analytical devices can provide information that tracks where individuals are reading their messages, how they entered a site, and at what part of a website they left.  This data is valuable in improving how a customer engages with a businesses website.

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