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I think it is fair to say that WordPress has completely revolutionized web design. As an example this afternoon I went to wordpress.com and in the space of half an hour set up a simple site.. 

People often ask us how they can set up a wordpress blog, or even wordpress based website. It is remarkably simple and easy.

You can either go to wordpress.com and set one up there, it is pretty easy and depending on what you want it can be completely free. You can add your own domain to your wordpress blog for just $14.97 if you register the domain through them or $9.97 if you already own a domain. Additional add ons can add up but it is still likely to cost less than webhosting for a year although your site is lilkely to always look like a blog.  The big downside with doing this which I found out to my cost is that WordPress are extremely strict on what kind of blogs can be hosted on their servers and if you are not careful your site will end up being suspended.  Whilst you can sometimes get it back for the small additional cost of buying hosting it is worthwhile to install WordPress on your own server space.

This gives you much more flexibility and you can install plug-ins to enhance the functionality of your site and there is a huge variety of themes out there.  We like Thesis and Elegant Themes, both of which are paid and there are also a huge variety of free themes out there which may well fulfill your requirements.  Alternatively if your budget allows then you can also get your own custom theme designed.

However when budget is important it tends to make more sense to buy one of the well supported themes than to reinvent the wheel.

We offer a number of services from designing a theme for you, to customising an existing theme to just configuring WordPress for you with our recommended core plug-ins, which is the cheapest and can even be free if you buy hosting through one of our hosting partners.

If you would like to know more about WordPress and how we can help you please contact us.

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