Understanding Google Analytics

We recommend you have analytics on your website. There are various different options for analytics. The most popular is from Google Analytics and has a free version which is suitable for almost all sites and a premium version which is really only for the largest enterprise websites.

When you add analytics to your website there are a few things that you want to look at and also set up.

The following are some of the key things you need to look at are:

  • Number of Visitors
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Keywords that people are using to find your site

Once you have set up your analytics account what you should look at doing after that is to set up site goals.. This is really important and most people overlook doing this.

Google makes setting up goals easy by having some templates pre-prepared inside your analytics dashboard.

These are divided into four categories:

  • Revenue
  • Acquisition
  • Enquiry
  • Engagement

And all websites will have at least one goal that fits into one of these categories.

If you don’t see the goal categories this is because you haven’t set an industry area for your website.

Understanding your analytics is a core part of understanding what makes your website work and also where it doesn’t work so well.

Find out more about goals here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1006230

If you have any questions about Analytics we would love to hear them in the comments section and if you need help setting up analytics on your website then please do get in touch.