WordPress is an incredibly powerful Content Management System, however as it is open source and written in the PHP computer language it means that it is possible to have your site be hacked.  There are various things that you should consider doing to make this less likely to happen.

One very simple thing to do which costs little to no money is to do things like remove the obvious elements that help people find out whether or not your site is based on WordPress.

Removing the WordPress version number is a good thing to do as it helps increase security and reduce the likelihood of your site being hacked. This is because hackers are often searching for WordPress sites especially ones that are out of date – and sadly it is all too easy unless using a system like the Vashon Media Client Maintenance program to let your sites become outdated.

If you have let your sites become out of date however you may well want to talk to us about upgrading it for you safely.

Anyway to remove your version number from your website there are a number of ways of doing it. You should either talk to your development team and ask them to do this for you, or you could use a plugin like this one:


It is worth noting that it is only been tested up to 3.9.2, although in all likelihood it will still be a good plugin. However if you are concerned at all please get in touch with us.