There are various reasons why a website may not be indexed in the search engines, most obviously that the site is new, or that it has been ‘slapped’ by google, most typically for using what they regard as being dodgy SEO practices.

This could either have been done by the existing owner of the domain, or quite possibly because the domain had been used in the past for a dodgy practice.

One of the first things you need is to take a look inside Webmaster’s tools at Google, or ask your web team to do this for you. If you don’t have a web team, then we would be happy to help. Either use the contact form or the form on the side of this page to get in touch.

Webmaster tools will allow you to do the following:

  • Give you an indication of your search queries
  • let you know links you have to the site
  • tell you your index status
  • remove urls from the search engines
  • gives you details of the crawl errors and stats
  • see your robots text and sitemaps
  • and quite a lot more

You particularly want to take note of the robots.txt and any crawl errors as this is likely to have an impact on your lack of indexation. You should also take a look at the sitemap and this will show you how many pages have been submitted and how many are actually indexed.

To find out more about Webmaster tools take a look on google here: