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[viralbait_buttons fb=»yes» google=»yes» twitter=»yes» linkedin=»yes» pinterest=»yes» ]A mobile optimized site can bring customers to your business and multiply your sales. Let’s see how this works out.

–>> Jack is in a new city. He is hungry. He wants a restaurant that has reservations available. He opens his mobile phone browser and searches restaurants in the area. He finds the website of a restaurant that offers online reservations. The website also had a phone number. He can reserve a seat or seats by calling the contact number or by using the online reservation form.

In either case, Jack has a positive experience. It happened because the restaurant’s website was fast to load and easy to find what he was looking for. That is a website optimized for mobile.

What happens if Jack reaches a website that is slow to load, difficult to navigate and impossible to find contact information or a reservation form? He will decide not to open the website again. A customer lost for the restaurant.

The above example fairly sums up the importance of mobile optimized websites. A mobile optimized site has the following features.

– Fast to load
– Easy to navigate
– Easy to find what visitors are searching for

Benefits to Website Visitors:

The visitors to the mobile websites will be thankful because of the following factors:

– They can find what they need immediately
– They don’t wait for heavy flash video or images to load
– They can reserve a ticket, order pizza or buy stuff in two or three steps

This clearly is beneficial for the business too. Businesses can make more sales by actually trimming down their mobile websites. Plus, Google Adwords has now started given preferential treatment to mobile advertisers with a website optimized for mobile viewing.

Now, that is a strong case for optimizing your web pages for mobile phone browsers.[viralbait_buttons fb=»yes» google=»yes» twitter=»yes» linkedin=»yes» pinterest=»yes» ]