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When you look for product or service what is the first thing that you do?

The vast majority of us will do one of two things:

  1. Search Online
  2. Ask our friends

Searching online is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. SEO is the process of developing your website to get more traffic from the search engines.

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A Breakdown of SEO

There are two elements of SEO. These are what is actually happening on your website itself. This is called on-page SEO  and what happens elsewhere on the web, or off-page factors.

On Page SEO

Probably the most important part of SEO is the content itself. The search engine wants to provide the best possible result to the end user, and so for good SEO you need to be providing real value with your content.

After that you need to look at:

  • How the content is formatted – Correct usage of Title tags
  • Content Hierarchy
  • Image SEO
  • Relevant standards for search engines (schema)
  • And for Social Media platforms (open graph, twitter card and more)
  • Correctly optimised for mobile
  • Page load times

Off Page SEO

In the bad old days, SEO was a bit like the wild west. It all depended on how many links you could have coming back to your website. Not unreasonably a search engine was programmed to believe that a site with lots of other sites pointing to it was an authority and so worth listing higher than a site with no links pointing to it.

As time went on this got heavily abused so now the search engines are more careful about how the off page factors are measured. It is still the case that quality links will help your content rank but these links really have to come from highly trusted websites.

Other off page factors that can help your SEO include Social Media.

For more indepth SEO resources the following guides are highly recommended:

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