As the global economy continues to struggle, businesses in every sector need to look for ways not only to attract new customers, but also stay engaged with their current clients. Twitter is a social medium where those customers will often post short notes on services they have received and products they want to critique for their followers.

A business should have a presence on Twitter.  By creating an account, not only can you engage and build your customer base, but you can respond to concerns tweeted by your customers. This relationship, albeit in just a small step, shows that a company is listening and values the opinions of those who are loyal to them.

Tweeting tips, or links back to a company website with information, allows a business to be engaging, accessible and continually remind customers of their brand.  In addition, businesses can connect with other successful companies in their industry and form new relationships that may become mutually beneficial.  Twitter is free, simple, and should be a part of a businesses marketing and customer service program plan.

Many business owners are NOT using Twitter to its fullest advantage (or at all). If you are among them, give me a call to discuss how you can start making money using Twitter this week.