QR codes are those funny looking black and white pixilated boxes you see pretty much all over the place both online and offline in magazine ads, marketing brochures, etc.  QR stands for “Quick Response” code and are being increasingly used by businesses to get customers to quickly and easily link back to your website, contact info, product reviews and even coupons and discounts.

These simple and easy to make QR codes can greatly help your business in your marketing efforts.  Of course, anything that makes it easier for your potential customer to learn about your products and services will make conversions increase.  This is one of the main benefits companies are seeing using this new technology.

Since this is fully compatible with mobile phones, it is also allowing people to find information on your company while they are on the go.  This makes it easy for them to get map and direction information when they need it most.  They can also get coupons and discounts while they are at your business which can also increases your sales.

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