Using Content for SEO

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Content is king”? On the Internet, that phrase is vitally important to your business. Content can mean a number of things from articles to blog posts to videos. The content that you distribute both on and off your site affects your reputation, search engine rankings and credibility. It is [...]

In the past, one customer’s bad experience was not a source of national headlines. An unhappy customer might share the situation with a few friends or family, but that was about it. With the advent of social media, however, one unfortunate comment posted or retweeted millions of times on Twitter or shared through networks on [...]

Should Businesses Use Twitter?

As the global economy continues to struggle, businesses in every sector need to look for ways not only to attract new customers, but also stay engaged with their current clients. Twitter is a social medium where those customers will often post short notes on services they have received and products they want to critique for [...]

One of the biggest reasons to have an email list is so that you can build relationships and credibility. It is also so that you can sell these people your products and services. Don’t be afraid to sell to your list! –>> If you don’t sell to your prospects and clients, your competitor WILL! How [...]

Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

With the influx of smartphones into the market, it is more important now to create a consistent mobile market message and avoid common mistakes. One of the most overlooked mobile marketing mistakes is not designing a website for mobile content.  Mobile web viewers are more likely to leave a website with a slow loading speed [...]

One of the most popular social networking sites these days is called LinkedIn.  This site is mainly for business professionals to network with one another.  Of course, professionals are also consumers in one form or another, so you can also pick up customers that may want to use your product or service.  One of the [...]

With online businesses, it is important for you to understand how to get people to sign up for your email list in order to reach your target market. You can create a sign up page where you can compile the mailing list and also explain to the subscribers in detail the advantages they will get. [...]

Outsourcing is one of the fastest ways to increase your business if you know how to delegate what you need to get done.  There are many online services where you can post a job that you are looking to get outsourced.  Some of the more popular outsourcing sites include, and Your business [...]

QR codes are those funny looking black and white pixilated boxes you see pretty much all over the place both online and offline in magazine ads, marketing brochures, etc.  QR stands for “Quick Response” code and are being increasingly used by businesses to get customers to quickly and easily link back to your website, contact [...]

Great Mobile Infographic

[viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ] Really enjoyed this infographic explaining how important Mobile Phones are now in everyone’s lives. Great infographic shared under the creative commons non commercial license from Online Schools ( [viralbait_buttons fb=”yes” google=”yes” twitter=”yes” linkedin=”yes” pinterest=”yes” ]